Who we are

Who we are

Community Health Evangelism (CHE)

Is a dynamic holistic ministry that seamlessly integrates the physical and the spiritual, a ministry to the whole person taught and demonstrated by Jesus Christ.

Key to its implementation is promotion of good health, prevention of diseases, living abundant life in Christ Jesus and community development. Synonymous in our terminology for CHE, the letter E stands for education or entrepreneurship, also ICHE referring to International / Integrated Community Health Evangelism – ICHE Projects.

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Aims and objectives

The following are the objectives of CHE-UGANDA:

Integrated Community Health Evangelism focusing on community development through iCHE Projects. The main objective is to integrate the physical and the spiritual through the promotion of good health and prevention of diseases. Support to destitute children and youths to promote education in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions including accredited universities as well as provision educational and vocational training opportunities related to the main goal/ mission. Such as to provide hands on training for farmers all from the community in sustainable agriculture practices and organic food industry development.

THE 7Es.

  • Evangelism
  • Educationt
  • Empowerment
  • Energy
  • Equaty
  • Enterprise
  • Establishment

Our Vision
Winning souls, Building lives, Transforming communities and replicating success in the name of Jesus Christ

  • Commitment to community development
  • Sustainable local Ownership and Initiative

Our Mission
is to empower communities and individuals for sustainable holistic development and transformation through integrating the physical and the spiritual in order to achieve their full potential through promotion of good health and prevention of diseases.

Community Health Evangelism (CHE) is a dynamic wholistic ministry that seamlessly integrates the physical and the spiritual, a ministry to the whole person as by taught and demonstrated by Jesus Christ. Key to its implementation is promotion of good health, prevention of diseases, proclamation of abundant life in Jesus Christ intertwined with community development. In our CHE ministry, the letter E apart from evangelism means education, entrepreneurship (enterprise) energy, empowerment, equipment, enrichment and may be used interchangeably. CHE strategy can easily be commenced, used and replicated in any community and country internationally. To successfully implement the strategy in your community, you need to learn it. This strategy is perfect for churches, Christian organizations, missionaries and all individual Christians of all professions and walks of life who God has called into His divine service. Specialized We provide

  • On Campus CHE training
  • Online CHE training (Pilot) and
  • CHE Internship.

CHE adopted the LePSAS teaching style to use in the training classes. The CHE lesson plans are developed in this teaching style. LePSAS stands for: Learner-Centered – Focus on the learner, not the teacher. Problem-Posing - Present a single problem in a simple way that starts discussion Self-Discovery – Through guided dialogue learners reach the "aha" moment. Action-Oriented – All learning is turned into action/application. Spirit-Guided – Teaching is under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and always includes sharing of his eternal truths. A facilitator (leader) is there to involve the trainee in the learning process through skits, sketches, or “starters,” which pose a problem without giving any answer. The “starter” fosters discussion. Many times the larger group is broken into smaller groups for discussion. Then each small group reports back what they have discovered. Trainers need to facilitate learning; starting where the participants are and building on what they know instead of traditional teaching which tells people what we think they need to know. The facilitator draws out information as well as gives input (knowledge) that is not brought forth from the students. The facilitator is a helper who facilitates learning and plays a very active role.

To start a CHE ministry, the learning process and progression starts with Vision Seminar. This is followed by four phases of CHE training seminars, called “Training of Trainers,” or TOTs. Each on-campus seminar is four full day’s sessions in duration. We are piloting On-line training with a vision seminar with a flexible duration of three days minimum to 40 days maximum. Each training has a capstone project designed by the participant during the training and assignment to be implemented and reports submitted. The successful implementation of the Capstone seed project is a mandatory pre-requisite for admission to the next level of CHE training. You are welcome to apply and train in any one of them.

  • CHE Vision Seminar Critically you need to understand what CHE program before you make a decision and commitment to become involve. Conversely the communities of your sphere need to understand CHE. The better the community understands CHE, the better the probability of a successful wholistic community development. The purpose of Vision Seminar is to create awareness for development using CHE strategy. It is also an induction for prospecting trainers, missionaries, firms, organization and local governments who wish to apply CHE principles in their wholistic development and ministries.

    The TOT1focuses on development, philosophy, and how to start a CHE program with a strong emphasis on evangelism. Basic spiritual and physical principles are taught so the training teams can teach these truths to the CHE implementers.

    TOT2 focuses on developing teaching materials, methods, and curriculum. Emphasis is placed on follow-up of new believers through teaching and the use of picture booklets or Bible storying. Spiritual emphasis is on spiritual deliverance and empowerment.

    TOT3 focuses on evaluation, project expansion, multiplication, and project management. The spiritual emphasis is placed on the ongoing discipleship through small groups (house churches) and divine healing.
  • TOT4 (Master Trainer)

    TOT4 focuses on team building, program leadership and strategic replication. Spiritual emphasis is made on church planting, multiplication, new exploits and mentoring. At this level a CHE trainer would have attained 150-200 training lessons and implanted four wholistic projects, a gate way to progress as a Chartered Community Health Evangelist.
  • Capstone Seed Project

    The Capstone Seed Project (CSP) is a wholistic assignment or project each student prepares during training to be implemented in their locality. This also includes other exercises such baseline survey work, mapping and implementing their objectives. This is a pre-requisite for the next level of training. For the trainers who are implementing CHE principles, and are desirous to progress with us on-campus or online, we will admit them based on their testimony and recommendation from their leaders, directors and superiors.
  • CHE Internship

    Individuals and organizations zealous in impacting communities require cutting edge CHE knowledge and skills on several aspects of varied communities and cross cultural issues. We promotes integrated ministry in communities. Our Internship program offers effective transformation of communities spiritually and physically in hands on, intensive and engaging 1-3 month tailored program. It entails being trained on transforming communities spiritually and physically, consequently training communities, learning how to effectively use locally available resources and visiting our project.
  • Specialized lessons

    Our projects introduce people to Christ by teaching many lessons concerning knowledge needed to improve and sustain life, improve health, and pave the way towards self-sufficiency.

Once a student has completed a phase of the training and has certified all the conditions of the specific CHE training level, we will issue him or her internationally recognized certificate of approval to practice CHE principles. The graduation can either be on campus or e-Commissioning.

CHE-UGANDA and our partner organizations hold training around the world throughout the year. View the training schedule for an upcoming training in your area on the Global CHE Net work website.

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