Who are we

Who are we

Community Health Evangelism (CHE)

Is a dynamic holistic ministry that seamlessly integrates the physical and the spiritual, a ministry to the whole person taught and demonstrated by Jesus Christ.

Key to its implementation is promotion of good health, prevention of diseases, living abundant life in Christ Jesus and community development. Synonymous in our terminology for CHE, the letter E stands for education or entrepreneurship, also ICHE referring to International / Integrated Community Health Evangelism – ICHE Projects.

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Community Health Evangelism Uganda (CHE-UGNDA) is an affiliate of Global CHE Network dully registered as a company limited by guarantee under the Laws of the Republic of Uganda which provides our legal entity status.

Adroa Godfrey

We empower communities and individuals for sustainable holistic development and transformation through integrating the physical and the spiritual in order to achieve their full potential through promotion of good health.

Pr. Acidri Ephraim

We as the Community Health Evangelism(CHE) is aimed at Winning souls, Building lives, Transforming communities and replicating success in the name of Jesus Christ

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We give Support to destitute children and youths to promote education in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions including accredited universities as well as provision educational and vocational training opportunities.

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Due to the geographical location of West Nile to the frontiers, though CHE UGANDA is registered in Uganda, our sphere of influence covers Uganda, South Sudan, Eastern DRC Congo and Central Africa.

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