International Community Health Evangelism Vision seminar

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01 MAY 2020 – 25 JUNE 2020

Welcome to CHE Vision Seminar.

This is a pilot on-line CHE Vision seminar for forty days running from 01 May to 30th June 2020 includes at least one day Capstone seed project.

The all the topics are standard Global CHE Network approved topics that are universally transferable in any international community.

The vision seminar is the first step training and a gate way to TOT1 through TOT4 of CHE Training program.

This Vision Seminar is based on the three day (24 hour) Global CHE training program. As a prospecting Community Health Evangelist, you can devote one hour daily for online training or complete within a range of forty days

The Capstone seed project (planning, submission, implementation and reporting) qualifies the participant to undertake CHE TOT1

Thank you for choosing ICHE for your vision seminar. We look forward to collaborate with you in your step by step journey in wholistic community development

Yours in Christ service




    To register, please submit the following information;

  • Your full name (as it appears on your certificate)
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • City, state, Country and Continent of residence
  • Training applied for (vision seminar )
  • Submit an essay of 100-500 words explaining why you want to do this workshop and how this training will contribute to your wholistic ministry and community development.

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