My name is Geoffrey Adroa. I have a middle name Naii I do not commonly use. My home Country is Uganda. My birth place is Ombatini Village in Arua District, West Nile region. I am an approved Global CHE Network Facilitator. One thing that you may not know about me is that I am very passionate about CHE ministry. I anticipate that within the 1,000 hours, 100+ prospecting CHEs globally will have completed the pilot online Vision Seminar and will be ready for TOT1. I will be facilitating introduction phase and the first topic in our 25 series of topics called LePSAS.

Before we begin, let us pray

Dear heavenly Father, we thank you for the great opportunity you have given us to serve you through our Lord Jesus Christ your Ambassadors. We desire to bear much fruit in our spheres of influence. We thank you for the proven tool of Community Health Evangelism that we are coming to learn to be effective in ministering holistically in our communities. Holy Spirit; we acknowledge your presence to guide and teach us through this CHE Vision Seminar in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; AMEN

Welcome to the pilot online CHE Vision Seminar. Please introduce yourself and tell us your expectations. Type following the questions below and post to the students’ forum. Your post will be viewed by all participants in this class. You can like and comment on other participants in honorable manner. Thank you, lets proceed now:-

  • Tell your full name (including middle name)
  • What is your Country of residence and birthplace?
  • Can you tell what you like most?
  • Is it alright with you if you can tell one thing no one in this group knows about you? OK then what is it? (If you have close friends, they may know, but most people would not know.)
  • What do you expect, need, or hope for in this training?

    Your contribution

  • What asset(s) do you bring to this training?

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