Project: Vehicle for Community Health Evangelism

CHE Mobility Ministry in Uganda, South Sudan and DRC Congo

Empowering CHE-Uganda, Communities, Strengthening CHE movement, accelerating evangelism, securing foot prints


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Project Code: UCHE-2003 $ 0,000          

Project: Children Feeding Program -Okalimbe

Serving the Vulnerable

They are lucky to have this today, support them for the next meal.

We see the need to feed the hungry children in Okalimbe Village. This situation has been escalated by the COVID-19 lock down. We would like to feed between 100-200 children once a week preferably a Sunday after the church service for 52 weeks. This will help the church members and the community to get involved and be attached to Church of Christ in Okalimbe. This project will elevate the reputation the body of Christ, and God is glorified. A budget of $4,500 is sufficient.

Project Code; UCHE-2002

Project: Strengthening community economic assets for sustainable wholistic development

Location: Okalimbe Village, Driwala Parish, Pajulu Sub County, Arua district-Uganda

Every day close to 10,000 die from consuming unsafe drinking water and over half the hospital beds worldwide have people in them with water borne illnesses, of them over half are children under five years old. Through this project, we want to establish a bottled water production business that will be able to serve 100,000+ in rural communities and urban poor with safe drinking water as well as meeting standards for a listing among the top 10 bottled water brands in Africa.

As a social enterprise, the profits gained from the sales of products will be used to support gospel work in Africa, address community needs of educating economically challenged children in communities, training in agricultures.

The project will: purify and bottle natural water, manufacture ice, market still, flavored, sparkling & energy water and operate public drinking water filling stations.

The project will engage in wholesale distribution and to retail bottled water to the following groups of people; Households , Hotels, Restaurants and Canteens, Event Planners, Parties and Corporate Functions, Corporate Executives, Government Officials, Business People, Celebrities, Military Men and Women, Sports Men and Women, Students, Tourists and Everybody in our target market locations

We would need $ 85,560 to successfully set Sustainable living water Project

We are well positioned to take advantage of the market in our community where water will be sold and we are quite optimistic that we will meet our set target of generating enough income / profits from the first six month of operations and grow the business and our clientele base.

The sales projection for Living Waters® is as follows: - First Fiscal Year-: $100,000; Second Fiscal Year-: $250,000 and Third Fiscal Year-: $750,000

Based on the projected sales forecast of the initial year, we will generate $ 100,000, assuming a minimum monthly income of $8,400, in nine months time, we will have broken even. Then the periods a head will be for scaling up the business and maximizing profits.

The future of Living Waters® lies in the numbers of loyal customers created, that have capacity, and competent employees, investment strategy and the business structure. One of our major goals of starting Living Waters® is to build a business that will survive off its own cash flow without the need for injecting finance from external sources once the business is officially running.

In the third year of the business, we will be in position to acquire land, establish and construct standard processing plant worth $ 256,000 installed with a current bottled water technology worth $250,000. Technology improvement and additional appropriate installations will be included in the business strategic plan. We will also acquire two distribution vans and 1 service van at $120,000.


Project: Integrated Community Health Evangelism Resource Hub in the Pearl of Africa

Building lives, Empowering Nations, Replicating Success Strengthening economic assets.

This project is to develop an International Community Health Evangelism Hub in the heart of Africa. The vision of the whole hub includes: training infrastructure facility development (guest rooms, Farm Field School demos, School of Natural Medicine & Nutrition, workshops, a common hall, and library. The most pressing need is to planting the current land to addresses the extensive problems of malnutrition, lack of education and infrastructure. The main purpose of the hub is the complete wholistic Community Health Evangelism training where the physical and the spiritual are integrated in a whole approach on compass and hosting e-training.

The farm field school will provide hands-on training opportunities for CHE interns and other trainees. The farm products include fruits, vegetables, soya beans, coffee, maize, yams, and potatoes. Animal farm will include live stock, chicken, guinea fowl, turkey and rabbit. The aqua-culture will be limited to fish. Our agro-forestry will include bee keeping local manga, eucalyptus and nim plantations. The cultivation of new varieties medicinal plants is promoted through this fund including moringa, artemisia, aloe, disease resistant banana plants, jackfruit. . These are aimed to stop the viscous cycle of malnutrition and poverty. This is a long term strategy for the sustainability of ICHE Hub.Dug well and drilled wells will provide massive water flow for irrigating crops during adverse climate of dry season and drought. The hub will be supplied by solar power, grid connection and standby generator.


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