Topic Four VS100 Different Approaches to CHE

Welcome to VS100 Different Approaches to CHE.


  • Participants will understand what is involved in starting a project from a church-based versus a family-based versus a community-based in order for them to decide where it is best for them to begin their project.

    Please take some time in prayer and commit this lesson into our Fathers good hands. Then read through the following scriptures. These verses will also be read at a later time in the lesson

    Download the diagrams of the four different approaches to starting a CHE program from the pdf links below. Begin to be ready to discuss them.

    Take note that there is only one final model of CHE: a Community-Based Model. The others are approaches to getting a CHE program started in the communities of your choice

    Observe the following approaches and comment on them. Post your answers and thoughts on your dash board and respond to three to five posts in your group

    Download the full Lesson here


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