Topic Six VS060 Comparing Relief and Development

Welcome to Comparing Relief and Development

Take some time in prayer and commit this lesson into our Fathers good hands. Read the word fof God for today and listen to what God has to say to you today.

Watch the video of crossing the River story;

Scene 1: Two men come to the river and want to cross but do not know how to swim. The current is strong, and they are afraid to cross. An outsider comes along and sees their difficulty. He offers to help them cross using the stepping stones, but they are afraid. He agrees to carry one on his back but only manages to reach the island in the middle. There he leaves the first man and returns back to shore where the other man is waiting.

Discussion 1

  • What happened to the outsider in this role play?
  • What happened to this first village member?
  • What can we observe about community work from this role play?

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