Topic Nine Integration of the Physical and Spiritual

Welcome to Integration of the Physical and Spiritual


Take some time in prayer. Commit your life, your facilitators and this lesson into the hands of the Eternal Father. Read the scripture of your devotion for today and listen to what God has to say to you today.


  • 1. Participants understand it is not an option to integrate a physical and spiritual ministry. It is a requirement
  • 2. Participants will be able to see that Jesus was the model of an integrated wholistic ministry
  • 3. Participants will begin to think of ways to solve problems in an integrated manner.
    Read this quote.
  • Franklin Graham at Amsterdam ’83 said, “If you only see the physical need, you will become a humanitarian. If you only see his mental need, you will become an educator. If you only see his political oppression, you will become a revolutionary or a politician. And if you only see his spiritual need, you will become a religionist.” It is seeing the whole man, with a strong emphasis on the spiritual, that you become a Christian witness, a missionary, an evangelist and communicator of God’s words.
    From this quote;

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